Monday, December 1, 2008


The soybean has grown extensively in Asia for hundreds of years. Now, the United States is the largest producer of soybeans, supplying two-thirds of the world's soybeans. The soybean is becoming more and more important, as people become aware of its nutritive value.
There are hundreds of varieties of soybeans. The soybean is a food that is rich in protein and minerals, and is the cheapest source of vegetable protein. Soy milk is similar to cow's milk but is much lower in fat; soy flour is good for making flat breads and bread-sticks; and soy meal is valuable as livestock feed. However, the main product extracted from soybeans is soybean oil.
Soybeans are often used as a meat substitute, but I believe that this use has been overrated. They do have a high protein content, but are also high in starch; a person using them as an exclusive protein may become starch-logged. Soy milk, however, will not cause this reaction.

Benefits and uses of Soybean

1.Soybean is an excellent food for diabetes.

2.It is easily digested and is one of the most nourishing and body building foods in the world.

3.It is especially good for growing children to aid growth and development.

4.Soybean has high lecithin content and is therefore excellent for mental fatigue and for protection against cholesterol deposits.

5.It has been claimed that lecithin lowers blood cholesterol thru emulsification of fats and is valuable against the development and hardening of the arteries and all the complications of the heart, brain, kidneys and eyes that follow.

6.Lecithin is a brain food, a tonic and energizer.

7.It has been reported that diabetic patients were successfully treated with lecithin.

8.It has also been reported that lecithin is effective in treating psoriasis.

9.Prevents gall stones, when adequate lecithin is included in the diet.

10.Liquid lecithin application helps heal bed sores and persistent diaper rash.It is also reported to prevent pellagra, the disease marked by disturbances of the stomach and intestines, skin eruptions and many nervous symptoms such as melancholia.

11.Because of the high content of linoleic and linolenic acids (unsaturated fatty acids), this food is conducive to a healthy skin and corrects many cases of eczema.

12.The pure pressed oil is used for skin conditions, as it contain the natural and lecithin. Soybeans have about twenty times more alkali than milk.

13.Lecithin has the ability to increase the gamma globulin content of the blood . The gamma globulins are known to be associated with the natures protective force against the attack of various infections in the body, thus increasing immunity.

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