Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brain Booster 2

You've heard it a hundred times "don't eat this - stop eating that". Look, you already know what NOT to eat.So in order to sharpen your mind, eliminate disease, heighten your senses, brighten your mood, give you a fresh supply of strength and stamina, you should eat more brain foods.
Your body is a machine, and food is the fuel that powers it.

I will continue to lists a few more for you to choose.

5. Fish - Salmon, sardines and cod are an excellent source of omega-3
fatty acids which are essential for brain growth and function.
All types of fish are good not just salmon. Your brain is 60 per cent fat,
so fish is a good source of that.

6. Eggs - Other than being a great protein source, egg yolks also have
a high amount of choline - a nutrient in the B vitamin family which helps
in memory development. The best way to eat your egg is soft boiled.
Frying or hard boiled destroys its protein, causing it to be allergenic.

7. Nuts - They provide vitamin E and are also a source of antioxidants
that protect the membranes of brain cell against free radicals.
Macadamia and almonds are good, ground peanuts are less ideal because they often result in allergic reactions.

8. Colourful vegetables - They provide high levels of antioxidants that
keep brain cells strong and healthy. Choose fresh vegetables in a wide

variety of colours to give you a range of antioxidants. Also, go for brighter
and hence more intense antioxidants, which help prevent cancer.

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